Goodtime Music Academy

Today I finished work at Avalon Studios with the Goodtime Music Academy crew! I was helping them produce a sequel to their fantastic online percussion course for schools, 'Rad Rhythm'. Directing twelve energetic kids armed with drum sticks and giant plastic bin drums was a mammoth-but-fun six day task. As Disney were filming pick ups for their 'Pete’s Dragon’ remake, we were instructed not to talk to any celebrities if we saw them walking down the hall. At one point, Karl Urban (‘Bones’ in the new Star Trek films) was walking directly towards me. Remembering the rules, but not wanting to seem impolite, I managed to say hello to him without actually saying anything. In New Zealand, if you raise your eyebrows to a very high height, and tilt your head back, that means ‘hello'. He said an eyebrows ‘hello' back to me, which technically means that Karl Urban thinks I am an extraordinary communicator. Here’s a photo of me with my eyebrows raised at two thirds of capacity.