Preppin' For The Big Time!

 All of the fun with Late 80's Mercedes @ Festival One 2016. Instagram credit: jackson_j_w

All of the fun with Late 80's Mercedes @ Festival One 2016. Instagram credit: jackson_j_w

As you can probably tell by looking at the picture above, I have been having a very fun-filled month!

This photo of me was snapped while I performed at Festival One, which is held each year at Hamilton's Mystery Creek Events Centre. We were fortunate to have a few thousand rabble-rousing young people flock to see us play for an hour on the enormous Arena Stage. It was a memorable night in which the ten of us were able to perform with great gusto and leave everything on stage. I'm looking forward to performing more shows with Late 80's in the coming months, but before those happen, I have a LOT of prep work to do for some equally exciting events coming up!

Between now and May, the majority of my time will be spent preparing an 88-show tour of Auckland and lower North Island schools with my good pal, Sailor The Puffer Fish. The Asthma Foundation of NZ, and Asthma Wellington have commissioned us to reach out to needy school communities and offer them the chance to host our informative musical show about asthma, completely free of charge. The show continues to be a great vehicle for raising awareness about what to do to help someone in an asthma attack, and ultimately, save lives. This tour will mean that in the coming months I will be able to perform my 200th show with Sailor! I am incredibly grateful that I get to continue working with him in such an impacting way.

In addition to the prep work for our school tour, I am currently head-down-tail-up in my role as Conference Manager for the 2016 NZ Educators' Neuroscience Conference, being held at Waikato University on April 2nd. Laying the foundations for this one-day event has been a hugely rewarding experience. We will host some of the world's leading experts in educational and neuroscience research, along with 400 delegates from the education sector who will come to learn cutting-edge teaching techniques that can help them improve the learning of the children they work with. It really is shaping up to be a fantastic day.

In amongst these two mammoth projects, I am also working with Goodtime Music Academy to help boost student enrolments in our Music Bus programme! This means I get to perform our fun and interactive half-hour show in many schools around the greater Wellington region in the coming months. 

And to fill in all my working-hours gaps not already occupied, I have had a great rehearsal for an upcoming Opera Opera show in Auckland with my good buddy, Greg Ward, I have been producing and recording our new Kids For Kids show content, and I've also been working on four different children's stories with illustrator superstar, Angela Keoghan, from The Picture Garden!

All of this preparation is leading to an extremely full Term 2 and 3 this year!

Time to go and hang up my creative hats for the day. First thing tomorrow I'm hopping on a plane to Auckland for a fleeting recording session. In fact, it's so fleeting that I will get to fly home again in the same day. Phew!