Show Time!

 Working as Spark Digital's 'Cody Cloud'

Working as Spark Digital's 'Cody Cloud'

Busy season has officially arrived!

After a few months of solid prep, the floodgates of performance opportunities have swung wide open. In the last few weeks I have been fortunate to present the first 11 of 88 Sailor The Puffer Fish Shows I have been commissioned to perform this year. Over 2,250 Wellington students and staff were able to learn about asthma and what they can do in an asthma emergency.

The first school Sailor and I performed in was particularly poignant; in October last year they lost a 7yo student to asthma. It was a privilege to help them regain some confidence in dealing with a health issue that had so recently devastated their community. 

In other asthma related news, I am happy to announce I have been booked as Master Of Ceremonies for the 2016 New Zealand Respiratory Conference being held in Auckland, Nov 24-25! I am looking forward to working with nurses, educators, and researchers who are doing their best to combat asthma and respiratory diseases that cause so much trouble for kiwi's each year.

I also had the fortune of performing two exciting school shows with Goodtime Music Academy. I enjoy playing in these shows as they encourage students to consider getting involved with music lessons for the first time. As a result, these two shows saw more than 100 students sign up for lessons, boosting our total number of students past the 900 mark!

Coming up soon I will be working as the Event Producer for National Young Leaders Days. I enjoy helping co-ordinate these inspirational events, and seeing first hand the impact they can have on our next generation of young leaders from primary, intermediate, and high schools. I even learn things myself!

But before that, I have another event performing as Spark Digital's Cody Cloud character in Christchurch next week. He's a cross between Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter - both characters I know rather well! Spark Digital present a fantastic invitation-only family day with exciting activities like drone racing, DJ lessons, virtual reality showcases, robotics programming stations and more! I get to welcome everyone and host them at my 'digital factory'. 

After that, it's back on the road with Sailor, and once this school term is over I'm into Kids For Kids season. Exciting times ahead!