Hopping Back In The Saddle

One of the great things about my work is that I often get to work with the same awesome teams of people each year and put on new-and-improved versions of shows I love. This is what I call 'hopping back in the saddle', and for the last few weeks I have done a lot of it!

On August 14th I started three days of filming new content with the wonderfully funny Rad Rhythm team. I had already helped write their percussion courses for 5-6 year olds earlier in the year, so it was great to bring the team back together and bring it all to life for the big screen. This is my third year working with Rad Rhythm and the feedback we get from the 30,000 kids and staff that use it is amazing.

For the next three weeks after that I lead the Goodtime Music Academy Show Team into schools to promote their fantastic "Music Bus" lessons in schools. Two of my three sons learn instruments in Goodtime's mobile Music Bus classrooms and they LOVE it. These shows are super high energy and fun to perform, and it's so good being able to inspire a new generation of kids to think about learning an instrument and making music a part of their day to day lives. This is my fourth happy year working with the Goodtime team.

Me, Jackie Clarke, Brooke Baker, and Nathan King just before walking on stage for our first 2017 Kids For Kids show!

Me, Jackie Clarke, Brooke Baker, and Nathan King just before walking on stage for our first 2017 Kids For Kids show!

After that, the 2017 Kids For Kids season began! This is my EIGTH year working with this team, and I'm now the longest serving member still in the fold. We kicked off tour in Palmerston North, Otaki, then the mammoth show in Christchurch with over 1,300 kids on stage in Horncastle Arena. That was so cool!

I love this show because our main focus is making sure the kids have fun. All the singing and remembering lyrics ... that's completely secondary. If the kids on stage aren't having fun, then we're missing the point of the whole show. And when the kids have fun, the parents and relatives in the audience get such a kick out of that. Our core team is committed to putting smiles on dials both here, and overseas in the World Vision children's projects our audience members may choose to support on the night.

I also completed another tour for Duffy Books in Homes in Christchurch. It was an eye opener to be working in schools that are still reeling from the effects of the big quakes. Many schools I visited had had complete makeovers of their schools as all their buildings were too damaged. This is my second year touring as a Duffy Role Model! I enjoy being able to share with them about how reading will be so important in making their dreams a reality. I take along Inspector Brunswick and show them exactly what a dream come true looks like!