My 59th Night Away



As I sit here in Auckland, I realised that today marks the 59th night I have been away from home travelling and doing events. I am very grateful to my lovely wife who holds the fort down so well while I am doing my share of the breadwinning!

A quick recap for the month of July...

July 10th: I performed Mr Lam Sam's Musical Mayhem Show to over 700 people at Te Papa! This was record for audience attendance at a school holiday event so I am chuffed!

July 15th: I was fortunate to see Anika Moa's live musical show for children "Chop Chop Hiyaaa!" in Wellington. It's always great to see how other family entertainers go about working with young audiences.

July 24th: I celebrated my 500th show with Sailor the Puffer Fish! We have been some places together. Next year we are hoping to perform 80 shows in the south island which will be great as we have never been there with his show yet!

Moe Monster and Me

Moe Monster and Me

July 27th: A fleeting trip to Auckland to measure up for my NEW SUIT, and hang out with Moe from The Moe Show.

Aug 1st: Hamilton - school visits with Angela, introducing Inspector Brunswick to the students of Southwell and Te Totara schools.

Aug 2nd: Hamilton - performed 'The Pied Piper of Pirongia' with the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra three times in one day. Lots of happy children coming to see how an orchestra works, and definitely one of those days when you sit down at the end of it and go 'WOW ... I AM LUCKY!' 

Aug 4th: A great meeting with the board of the Goodtime Foundation, of which I am the Chair. We raise money to give fifteen children from low decile schools free music lessons for the year. It is so rewarding being part of a passionate team who believe that music can create amazing opportunities for positive change in young people.

And today? I'm waiting to soundcheck for another great musical improv show with the extremely talented and funny, Greg Ward! Tonight is our 'One Night Only' show - a relatively new offering that corporates are loving. We have a basic outline of the show, but all the songs are customised in the moment, inspired only by what the audience give us. 

And I'm very happy that tonight's piano is RED!