Back from London!


On Feb 26th I flew to London with my wonderful illustrator Angela Keoghan, and her hubby Jayden to release our first children's picture book: Inspector Brunswick - The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

I had never been to the UK before, or Hong Kong where we stayed a few days to break up the big plane trips over.

We had a wonderful time working with our publisher TATE (of the TATE museums!) and spent many days performing book readings and illustration workshops with children. 

A highlight was being able to meet a few people I admired on the way, namely Gareth Malone from the BBC's 'The Choir' TV show, and at the London Bookfiar, Mr Klaus Flugge from Andersen Press, who was responsible for publishing one of my all time favourite children's books, Not Now, Bernard.

Another highlight was being able to experience many of the various museums there, including the V&A Children's, the British, the TATE Modern and Britain, and the Natural History museum. There's nothing quite like standing next to a life-size replica of a blue whale and realising just how tiny you are!

A big thank you to all the wonderful bookshops that hosted us. We look forward to coming back soon with Brunswick #2!

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