Chris Lam Sam Creative

If you’re reading these words and visiting the extraordinary world of Chris Lam Sam, it’s very likely you already know what a creative chap he is. Perhaps you have seen him perform a show, or maybe you’ve heard some of his music? Maybe you’re here because you want to read his children’s book, or because you’re hoping to find a Master Of Ceremonies for your next event? Whatever it is that brings you here, do enjoy having a good look around.

And who knows? You might even learn something new about Chris that you didn’t know before!



Chris performs in a number of shows for children and grown ups. Click here to find out more.


Chris is an award winning songwriter and composer for stage and screen. Hear all about it here!



Chris writes books for kids! Read all about them here.


First-class Master of Ceremonies and more. Chris does it all, right here!